129th EC Meeting Notice

Notice of 129thEC Meeting of BSTQM


A  Meeting of the Executive Committee of BSTQM will be held on 03 August 2019, Saturday at 5:30pm at BSTQM Secretariat, Dhaka. All members of EC and Advisers are requested to kindly attend the meeting.

Sk. Nizam Uddin Ahmed

Secretary General


    1. Confirmation of the minutes of previous meeting held on 17 May 2019
    2. Progress of implementation of the decisions adopted in the previous meeting since 17 May 2019
    3. Financial Statement for the Month of April to July 2019
    4. Sub-committees Reports
    5. 11th NAQCE on 07 September 2019
    6. International Events
      ICQCC-2019, Japan, 23 to 26 Sep 2019
      ANQ Congress-2019, Thailand, 21-24 Oct 2019
      ICSQC-2019, Lucknow India, 27 to 30 Nov 2019
    7. Confirmation of BSTQM Membership
    8. Miscellaneous



All Members of EC

All Advisers of BSTQM