The Society shall have the following three categories of membership.

  1. Member/ Life Member

Any person having connection with an organization in the form of employer, manager, officer, consultant, trainer, or a professional in related field shall be eligible to become a Member of the Society.

  1. Honorary Member

Honorary Membership may be accorded by the Society to any Bangladesh or foreign national in recognition of his/ her contribution to the Society. Such decision shall be taken by the Executive Committee.

  1. Organizational Member

An organizational/institutional member will be represented by three persons officially nominated by the institution.

Such member shall not be eligible to become a candidate for election the Executive Committee. But they can work in sub-committees and will be eligible to enjoy other benefits allowed by the Executive Committee.

  1. Student Member

Student studying in primary, secondary, higher secondary and tertiary educational institutions up to master’s degree, engineers and agriculturists up to graduation (four years after HSC) or equivalent are eligible to become a “Student Member” of the society.

  1. On completion of Master’s or equivalent degree, a Student Member will become eligible to be a Member of the society. He/she has to submit an application for membership duly filled in.
  2. Interested persons may apply in prescribed form for membership.
  3. Executive Committee will approve all categories of membership.