Welcome to Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management (BSTQM)

Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management (BSTQM) is a voluntary organization engaged in promoting Total Quality Management (TQM) in Bangladesh. The society was established on 04 May 1996.

Late Engineer Mofiud Doula, a renowned quality expert Engr. A. M. M. Khairul Bashar P. Engr, Engr. Mokarram Uddin Ahmed, Engr. Syed Masud Hasan and Mr. T. P. Biswas have taken the initiate to establish BSTQM for the welfare and benefit of mankind. Engr. Mofiud Doula was elected as the first President and Engr. Mokarram Uddin Ahmed was became the first General Secretary. Initiated under their leadership BSTQM emerged as a leading agency promoting Quality Management and culture in all sectors of the economy. Initially the organization was named as TQM Club in 1994. In 1996 it was renamed as the Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management.

In order to develop appropriate strategies to achieve the goals, SWOT analysis was carried out. During the workshop the BSTQM members identified the internal strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats present in the external environment (Annexure-2). On the basis of the analysis, following strategies is suggested:

Organize different quality management related programs viz. training, workshop, seminar, talk etc. utilizing the professional expertise of the members and other reputed resource persons to disseminate the knowledge and share experiences in the field throughout the country.

Develop a pool of resource persons on the subject, from amongst the members of BSTQM, by organizing TOT and Refreshers courses on TQM in order to augment the professional skills and knowledge in quality management.