Resource Persons

Mr. A. M. M. Khairul Bashar
Director, Center for Management Development, President, BAAS & BSTQM, Member BJTI Council
A. M. M. Khairul Bashar is a consultant and trainer in the field of quality and management. He is an engineer and management specialist by profession. He helped more than 35 organizations in change management embracing quality philosophy. Until 2013, more than 45 thousand people listened to his lectures at home and abroad. He worked in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Nepal and Ghana.

Mr. A.H. Mostafa Kamal Khan
Management Consultant & Trainer

Mr. A.H. Mostafa Kamal Khan is an MA in Economics (DU) and MBA from USA. He is an international expert on Corporate Management and Leadership. He has 26 years of professional services at home and abroad.
Mr. Kamal has established himself as a top level trainer and management consultant through his services in a leading Management Training Institute. In the process few dozens of organizations both from public and private have been able to recognize his training courses as beneficial in improving performance.
Few thousand top and mid level executives have improved their capacity by attending training courses conducted by Mr. Kamal. His international involvement includes countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore etc.
Mr. Kamal is very well known for his participatory approach of training.
Mr. Syed Alimuzzaman
Ex-Chief Operating Officer-James Finlay Tea Estate
Secretary General, BSTQM
EC Member & Chairman of the Publication Sub-committee of BAAS


Syed Alimuzzaman graduated with Honors in History (major) with Economics and Political Science, did post graduation in Modern History, International Law and Jurisprudence from the University of Dhaka in 1976 and obtained LL.B and MBA (U.S.A). He had received training at home and abroad in multifarious disciplines of Management namely Production Management (Japan), Quality Management Promotion (Japan), Labor Management Training, Training of Trainers, Time Management, Occupational Safety and Health, VAT and Taxation, Women Empowerment through Employment and Health, Corporate Social Responsibility, Brand Management, Leadership and Team Building, ISO-9000 Series of Standards- Quality Management Principles, Entrepreneurship Development, etc.
Mr. Alimuzzaman has more than 33 years of professional experience in a multinational British Company- James Finlay and Company limited. He joined James Finlay as a Covenanted Management Staff in early 1979 and became General Manager in 2006 and Chief Operating Officer –Estates of the company in 2009.
Mr. Alimuzzaman was a resource person at Management Training Center, Project Development Unit, Bangladesh Tea Board, Srimongal, Moulvibazar.
Currently Mr. Alimuzzaman is the Director of the Institute of Resource Management (IRM). IRM has now been working with its mission to play a leading role in the Management, Information Technology, Communications, and Development sectors of Bangladesh. Moreover, IRM is now working with British Institute for Resource Development- a leading Awarding Body of The United Kingdom having affiliation with a number of renowned universities in UK.
Besides, Mr. Alimuzzaman is a Life Member of Bangladesh AOTS-HIDA Alumni Society (BAAS) and currently Executive Committee Member & Chairman of Publication and Membership Sub-committee of this Society. Mr. Alimuzzaman is also a life member of Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management (BSTQM) and Vice- President of BSTQM. He is also Chairman of the Training and Convention Organizing Committee of BSTQM.
On behalf of BSTQM, Mr. Alimuzzaman led the Bangladesh Delegation as Head of Country Representative to attend the International Convention on Quality Control Circles(ICQCC) held in Taipei, Taiwan, on October 22 to October 25 ,2013 and worked as a Coordinator of the CCM Meeting . Moreover, Mr. Alimuzzaman conducted 17 nos. of Streams (QC Workshop) in that Convention as a Session Judge.
Mr. Alimuzzaman is now undertaking an online management training under ”Edx Program” jointly organized by the Universities of Massachusetts Institute of Technology( MIT), Harvard and Berkeley.
Mr. Syed Masud Hasan
Managing Director
Centre for Management Development


Mr. Syed Masud Hasan graduated in Mechanical Engineering (BUET) and obtained his Master Degree in Industrial Engineering and Administration from UK. He also received training at home and abroad in the different field of management namely Total Quality Management, Performance Improvement Programming, Social Accountability 8000, Maintenance Management, Systematic Problem Solving, Experiential Learning Approach, and Team Development etc.
Mr. Hasan has more than 37 years experience in Management Consultancy and Training. He joined Bangladesh Management Development Centre (BMDC) a leading institution in the field of Training, Consultancy and Research as a Management Counselor. He became Director of BMDC in 1991.
Currently, Mr. Hasan is the Managing Director of the Centre for Management Development, a well-recognized professional organization engaged in field of Management Training and Consultancy.
He was involved in many consultancy assignments under JICA, ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, DFID and USAID funded and Dutch Assisted Projects.
Mr. AKM Shamsul Huda
Former Managing Director
Grameen Bitek Ltd.


Mr. Akm Shamsul Huda has more than 20 years of experience in Electronic Circuit design. An acclaimed research scientist, innovator and designer. He obtained a First class with high placement in Physics in M.Sc. exam from Dhaka University and obtained MBA degree from Athish Dipankar University of Science & Technology. Mr. Huda with the assistance of Professor K S Rabbani designed the ‘Volt-Guard’ in 1989 and jointly found Bitek (Bangladesh Innovative Technology Group) in 1993.
Mr. Huda worked as the Managing Director of Grameen Bitek Ltd (GBL) which is established in 1998. He supervised all R&D and product design activities of GBL. He also advised on technical, marketing and maintained an overall supervision on the manufacture and Quality Control.
Mr. Huda is involved with BAAS (Bangladesh AOTS Alumni Society) activities since 1998. He is also involved with Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management (BSTQM) of quality movement activities since 2000. He is also one of the founder member of Bangladesh Dye & Mold Manufactures Association (BADAM) and member of Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute (BSTI), Underprivileged Children Educational Program (UCEP) employers’ committee & Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS)