The Orientation Program for KBQA Assessors took place on May 1, 2024, at 3:30 PM in The Nirala
Hall Room of Sonargaon Pan Pacific Hotel. The program was organized by the National Steering
Committee (NSC) of KANO-BSTQM Quality Award (KBQA). Prof. Dr. M R Kabir, President of
BSTQM and Member Secretary of NSC, welcomed all attendees and provided an overview of
KBQA, including the program’s launching ceremony in 2023. Attendees were asked to introduce
themselves, and it was mentioned that three organizations had applied for KBQA, prompting the
need for the program to train assessors on how to assess organizations.
Prof. Dr. Engr. Ehsanul Haque, Chairman of NSC of KBQA, also welcomed the participants in the
program. He mentioned the objective of the program, which aimed to enable participants to
conduct significant assessments.