Election 2021-2023


Election of Office Bearers of the ‘Executive Committee’ and ‘Central Chapter Committee of Student Chapter’ of BSTQM for the term of 2021-2023

The Election Commission constituted by the Executive Committee of BSTQM on 16th January 2021 to conduct the Election of the Office Bearers of the ‘Executive Committee’ and ‘Central Chapter Committee of Student Chapter’ of BSTQM for the term of April 2021 to March 2023 is hereby pleased to announce the Election Schedule and General Instructions and Code of Conduct for conducting the election.

  1. Election Schedule
SI. No. Activity Date & Time
1. Publication Provisional Voter List 04 February, 2021, Thursday
2. Last Date & Time of Receiving Appeal against provisional Voter list 10 February, 2021, Wednesday, 10:00 am
3. Scrutiny and publication of Final Voter List. Hanging BSTQM Notice Board 13 February, 2021, Saturday, 5:00 pm
4. Commencement of issuing and receiving nomination 16 February, 2021, Tuesday, 10:00 am
5. Last Date and Time of issuing Nomination Form 06 March, 2021, Saturday, 05:00  pm
6. Last Date &Time for receiving/dropping nomination forms 09 March, 2021, Tuesday, 05:00  pm
7. Scrutiny and hanging provisional list of candidates 11 March, 2021, Thursday
8. Last Date & Time for receiving appeal against the provisional list of candidates 14 March, 2021, Sunday, 5:00  pm
9. Declaration of final list of candidates 16 March, 2021, Tuesday
10. Last Date and Time for withdrawal of candidature 20 March, 2021, Saturday, 05:00  pm
11. Polling date and time (Polling to be held at the AGM venue) 27 March, 2021,  Saturday, 3:00-5:30pm
12. Declaration of Result (At the AGM) 27 March, 2021, Saturday, at 8:00 pm

Nominations are invited for the following Posts of Office Bearers  of Executive Committee of BSTQM:

Sl Position No. of Post
1 President 1
2 Vice-President 4
3 Secretary General 1
4 Joint Secretary 2
5 Treasurer 1
6 Joint Treasurer 2
7 Member 10
Total 21



Nominations are invited for the following Posts of Central Chapter Committee of Student Chapter of BSTQM:

Sl No Position No. of Post
1. Chairman 1
2. Vice Chairman 2
3. General Secretary 1
4. Treasurer 1
5. Training & Convention Secretary 1
6. Publication Secretary 1
7. Welfare Secretary 1
8. Member 3
Total 11
  1. General Instructions and Code of Conduct
  2. Life Members and Members who have cleared their membership subscription up to December 2021 will be included in the voter list and will be eligible to cast vote, become a candidate or a proposer or a seconder.
  3. Excepting members of election commission, all members included in the final voter list are eligible to contest in the election.
  4. Name, address and membership number etc of the candidate, his/her proposer and seconder should be mentioned in the nomination form as it is in the final voter list. Otherwise the nomination of the candidate will be cancelled.
  5. Nomination form is to be signed by the candidate, his/her proposer and seconder.
  6. Nomination form must be completed by a ball-point pen/ink. Incomplete nomination form, error in the name, address, membership number, rubbing, overwriting and use of fluid etc will be treated as invalid.
  7. An eligible voter cannot be a proposer or a seconder for more than one position except for those positions where there is more than one post viz. Vice President (4), Joint Secretary (2), Joint Treasurer (2) and Member (10).
  8. A candidate or his/her representative for ‘BSTQM Executive Committee’ and ‘Central Chapter Committee of Student Chapter’ may collect Nomination Form from BSTQM Office by paying Tk. 3,000.00 (Taka Three thousand only) and 500/-(Taka Five hundred only) respectively. The money receipt provided must be submitted along with completed nomination form.
  9. One candidate can submit nomination for one post only. Candidature of a candidate submitting nominations for more than one post will be treated as void.
  10. Casting of vote will be done through ballot paper prescribed and signed by the election commission.
  11. A voter may cast his vote for all the posts or any number of posts of his/her liking. However, if the voter casts vote for more than one candidates for a position, then it will be invalid and his/her vote will not be considered for counting.
  12. If the number of valid candidate for a position is equal to the number of posts, then the candidate will be declared ‘elected’ uncontested.
  13. At the time of counting vote, a candidate or his/her representative may be present at the election center. Written consent by the election commission must be needed for appointment of representative.
  14. A valid voter can be a representative of more than one candidate with written consent of the election commission.
  15. If there is a ‘ Tie’ for any post, the winner will be decided by lottery.
  16. Decision of the election commission in respect of all activities relating to the election e.g. election schedule, scrutiny of voter list, nomination, vote counting, declaration results etc. will be final



Engr. Jawaherul Ghani

Chief Election Commissioner

For and on behalf of Election Commission of BSTQM